Professional Services

Design & Deployment

We take pride in being the best in designing and deploying state of the art networks based on both legacy and emerging technologies


Integration & Migration

We are the right choice for integrating new service with existing technology base or for complete migrating of services


Service Level Agreements

We are open to any service level agreements to meet customer needs and we make sure that KPIs are met as per the contract.


Audit & Assessment

Having vast experience of multiple technologies and an inhouse diversified team, we are a go to company for any audits and assessment that you may want to run in your company.


Proof of Concept

We go an extra mile to satisfy our customers by offering them proof of concept deployment of different products.


Site Readiness

With the right partners at our back, we can cater for site-readiness for telco and networking equipment hosting.


In this era of highly converged voice, video, and data networks, locating the right product is only one step to destination. The other key factors include items like personnel, skill sets, lab and test equipment and time to rollout etc. All of these contribute to a significant investment in deploying and maintaining an efficient scalable network.

At ICT Integrators we have a team of highly trained and experienced Engineers and Project Managers to plan, prepare, design, implement/integrate, manage, support and audit increasingly complex technologies of modern communication era. Our passion is to understand the business objectives of our customers and equating their success with our own. We are committed to support their businesses with a mix of our products and professional services.


Our offerings include:

  • Design and Documentation
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Health Assessment, Audit and Tuning
  • Site Preparation and Physical Infrastructure Laying
  • Maintenance Contracts / Service Level Agreements


Design and Documentation

It is very important when operating a production network. Whether having a small office network or a large scale revenue generating service provider network, having the ability to perform rapid troubleshooting and problem determination is paramount. Without a thorough network map and redundant design, unexpected issues can arise. ICT Integrators design and documentation service benefits customer's engineers and management team to design the best solution for their particular needs. All design documentation and source code is provided post installation for records and maintenance. ICT Integrators will provide a complete physical network map, including IP and MAC addressing, port allocation plans and logical topologies (RSTP and MSTP rings etc.) allowing for ease of maintenance and future scalability.


Installation and Configuration

Deploying large multi-faceted, multi-vendor applications is a complicated and labor-intensive task. Without the proper experience and knowledge, these operations can prove to be much more expensive than anticipated. Our installation and configuration service can encompass all aspects of network rollout from preparation and planning, to implementation and integration. We use proven tested gate and acceptance processes that ensure a smooth initial deployment, error free integration and seamless change management. Being into industry from 11 years we have developed a core competency in the deployment and management of efficient, scalable production networks. All projects are managed by a dedicated Project Manager who oversees the complete end-to-end network installation. This service is designed to relieve the burden of tracking, planning and managing all the elements involved in the complete roll-out of a production network.


Health Assessment, Audit and Tuning

Many enterprises and service providers experience operational performance issues caused by network policies and device configuration changes that are not validated before production implementation. The resulting network health and performance issues can negatively affect quality of service, availability, security, and service level agreements. We use best practice methodologies and effective workflows to execute audit and root cause analysis for customer networks to validate configuration and policy non compliances that may adversely affect network health and tend to be the possible reason for degraded availability, customer is presented with the performance improvement recommendations in the end of the activity.


Site Preparation and Physical Infrastructure Laying

Many organizations do not realize how important the physical layer is to the smooth and fast operation of their network services. Our Cabling ( UTP/STP, Fiber Optical, Power ), Racking, Stacking and Air Conditioning services can assist in managing customer business backbone to meet building codes and lay the foundation for data and voice communications. ICT Integrators can also manage your physical move, asset life-cycle and disposal of your rack and cabling infrastructure.


Maintenance Contracts / Service Level Agreements

It is improbable that a complex production network will run flawlessly forever; issues will eventually occur where technical assistance is needed. We realize that up-time is of the highest importance and it is utmost important that any changes made to a production network, or any issues faced are completely transparent to the customer base and employees. That is why ICT Integrators service level agreements are designed to provide the highest level of service and support, minimizing down time and optimizing network performance. Our contracts are designed to provide priority to customers requiring the fastest turn around for issues and RMAs. Our support options are completely customizable to meet the needs of our customer's businesses.